My Favorite TV Shows

Everyone has their favorite shows they love whether it be drama shows, reality shows, comedy shows, sports shows, animal shows, romance shows, children shows, geeky shows, or shows that you actually learn something also know as educational shows. Everyday there’s something for watching TV that I like in addition to Netflix. New Episodes are coming out each week, new shows are being created all the time, new seasons are coming out each year or bi-yearly. I think a persons list of favorite TV shows is never ending because you can add more shows to your list of favorites as more are created or you get into that you never liked before and than all of a sudden they’re your favorite. I personally have so many favorite shows that I’ll probably be adding to this list for a few days.

Here’s a list of my favorite TV shows & In No Particular Order Either:

  1. Army Wives
  2. Pioneer Woman
  3. Trisha’s Southern Kitchen
  4. All New England Sports Team Games
  5. Chopped
  6. Cutthroat Kitchen
  7. Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives
  8. Real Housewives of Orange County
  9. Real Housewives of New York City
  10. Real Housewives of New Jersey
  11. House Hunters
  12. Gilmore Girls
  13. 7th Heaven
  14. The Voice
  15. American Idol
  16. Two & a Half Men
  17. The Big Bang Theory
  18. Teen Mom
  19. Teen Mom 2
  20. Grey’s Anatomy
  21. The Good Doctor
  22. Farmhouse Rules
  23. Southern Comfort
  24. 19 Kids & Counting
  25. Counting On
  26. Heartland
  27. Bringing Up Bates
  28. Roseanne
  29. Home Improvement
  30. The Bachelor
  31. The Bachelorette
  32. Worst Cooks In America
  33. Guy’s Grocery Games
  34. The Great Food Truck Race
  35. Dog the Bounty Hunter
  36. The Kitchen
  37. I Hart Food

What’s y’alls favorite TV shows?


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