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Applebee’s Review 

One of our favorites restaurants to eat at is Applebee’s. 🍎 I personally love it for most of the appetizers, the pasta 🍝 dishes, the kiwi 🥝 lemonade, & the chocolate desserts!

Anyways this past Tuesday we went to an Applebee’s in New Hampshire for suppa!

I had a kiwi 🥝 lemondade, chicken wanton tacos 🌮 as an appetizer, & pasta 🍝 for the main dish of my suppa!

I have to say the everything from the kiwi 🥝 lemonade to the pasta 🍝 dish I had was truly amazing!!! 😍❤️😋

The staff and atmosphere at Applebee’s is so amazing especially the ones in New England who’s decor is all about the professional sports teams in New England! ❤️

I would absolutely recommend people eating at an Applebee’s 🍎 for a meal!


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