Kidney Stones

My Journey With Kidney Stones

The Thursday before my prom in 2013 of my junior year of high school I was rushed to the hospital with what one of the ER doctors thought was appendicitis. That night none of the doctors or nurses asked me if there was any possibility if I could be pregnant or took a pee test of my urine. UGH…. they also gave me pain killers which the pain went away within a few minutes at least 15 minutes. They sent me home with the directions of going back to the ER if the pain came back. So I went home, and went to sleep and than woke up the next morning which happened to be Friday and went to school perfectly fine. Finished with all the classes I needed to go to before being able to leave school early like all the people who were attending prom that night to get ready. I got home and started to get ready for the prom that night and the pain came back right where my right kidney was and in the same place it was the night before. Thankful I had awesome parents who decided to me back to the same ER where they finally decided to run a pregnancy test on me which came back negative so then they took me back to a room where I got IV fluids and waited to get an ultrasound of my kidneys and appendix. I finally got an ultrasound where they ruled out appendicitis but diagnosed with kidney stones. Once the diagnose came back and they took the pain away with IV pain killers I was sent home after spending all night in the ER, they gave me a prescription for pain killers and missed my prom. I was discharged at around 11:30pm.I was out of school for the next week because of the pain. Wednesday came and I had an appointment with a urologist who’s every other word out of his mouth was “surgery” because that’s all he wanted to do on me. Well, I left that crazy psycho of a urologist’s office and went home where the pain came back and worse than ever so I decided to constantly walk the house like they tell you to do when you’re diagnosed with kidney stones, which the walking didn’t help at all. It actually felt like the pain was only getting worse and worse, which completely sucked. After 6pm on Wednesday night I was rushed back to ER but a different ER to get a second opinion on my kidney stones, where they gave me anti-nausea medicine through an IV along with pain killers through an IV. In addition, they did another ultrasound to look at the kidney stone to determine if I was any closer to passing it naturally or was I going to need surgery. After the ultrasound and the pain was taken away at that moment by IV pain killers they discharged me which was at about 10:30pm Wednesday night. I went home and went to sleep, and woke up the next morning and passed the kidney stone. I was out of school for a total of exactly a week and learned that Exeter Hospital in Exeter, NH sucks at taking blood work and your urine sample until you go to their hospital 2 nights in a row. I also learned that appendicitis has some of the same symptoms as kidney stones.

Hope you enjoyed this little story.


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